Social Media -  10 Teams

As part of my role within 10 Teams, I run the site's Instagram page along with its Twitter/X feed.

This means I am responsible for the production of engaging and informative content for users of the site, keeping them interested with news emerging from international tournaments and breaks.

Using Canva and Procreate, I design posts for both platforms, and coordinate with the team regarding essential information, timescale and updates. I ensure to provide daily content throughout international tournaments in order to keep users engaged, and offer match scores and reports following each game. I also make sure to retweet and share relevant content from other pages.

Alongside my written work, I have also used TikTok as a platform to develop my social media skills. With a focus on sport and travel, I create mini match-day vlogs and my journey in sports media as a way of learning to navigate platforms such a this.

I am increasingly aware that digital forms of journalism are becoming just as important as written work in the 21st century, and therefore learning to use video editing software such as CapCut is hugely important in the sports media industry.

Social Media - Personal TikTok

Social Media - Personal X Profile

Alongside my current management of social media platforms for 10 Teams, I also run a Twitter / X platform of my own to share my work with users and fellow sports fans. 

By using Twitter / X, I am able to share articles I write for my blog and the university newspaper, as well as freelance work for different companies that can be retweeted. This allows my to create an easily accessible social portfolio of my work, with relevant updates and news.

I also use my social media platforms to react to sports news and live events, giving my thoughts and attempting to provoke conversation surrounding key moments / issues stemming from sport. I engage with users as much as I can, and use the platforms to develop my own sporting knowledge.